GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 40, Page 081 (transcription) 81 After years of towing the corporate line, I find myself back at Underground where I have found freedom, focus and a renewed energy towards viticulture.
A vineyard manager in a large corporation has to somewhat transform themselves to partially be a book keeper, a worksafe inspector, and a psychologist.
Each of these interruptions takes away from what the primary focus is growing grapes.
Having management experience in a family run operation, a corporate operation and now a share of my own operation gives me an opportunity to have a no nonsense, educated approach to growing grapes and the business.
I have a firm belief in sustainable agriculture.
To be able to grow grapes with no harsh chemicals is sometimes possible in the right year, but with cool climate vineyards and their high disease pressures, it is not always possible.
I spray primarily with organic based fungicides sulphur and copper and monitor the vineyard intensely for any signs of mildew.
Only if there is an extremely high risk or an infection, would I spray the chemicals needed to reduce or eliminate the mildews.
The challenge is work with the growers, and the climate, and to use the most environmentally sound solution to supply the business with quality, disease free fruit.
I have a lot of trust in the experience of our growers and their own connection with the land they work on.
Together we relish in the opportunity to participate in the creation of wines of real originality.
My growing moto is something like the Goldielocks and the Three Bears thing not too much, not too little, but just right It all comes back to balance.
Visit the Underground Cellar Door at 1282 Nepean Hwy Mt Eliza.
On most days you will be shown our wines by myself or one of the winemakers.
We are open 7 days 10 to 5pm.
Ten years ago Underground was conceived by three guardians.
But the time was not right.
After a four year gestation Underground emerged at the old Vintina site in Mt Eliza.
Over the past six years Adrian and Peter have been the public face of their offspring, toiling to bring you, the public, wines that are expressive of variety and true to style at a value price.
Finally Underground is able to reveal the invisible third partner, an accomplished cool climate vitticulturalist without whose sublime insight Undergound could never make its exceptional wines.
Stepping out of the shadows we introduce Jonothan Stephens, back from an extended secondment According to Jono, Wine s most sublime possibility is to be found in the vineyard.
If a vigneron, winegrower, not winemaker has the wit to identify a wonderful site capable of elegantly solving a vine s environmental imperatives - water, light, heat, fertility, air drainage, etc.
in a Three Bears kind of way - neither too much, too little, but rather just right - said wine-grower may be given the opportunity to participate in the creation of a wine of real originality.
A vin de terroir is one that has captured the absolute uniqueness of a given grape-growing site and the unique qualities of a vintage year its singularity and congruity to its place of origin.
Visit the Underground Cellar Door, taste our line up Grigio, Gris, Pinot Noir and much more 15 different wines on Tasting .
You will have the unique opportunity to be served by one the winemakers or now the vitticululist Underground Winemakers Cellar Door Tastings Open 7 Days 10 to 5pm.
1282 Nepean Hwy Mt Eliza.
Introducing Jonathon Stephens Underground Vitticuluralist and the Third Bear Visit Underground Winemakers at Mt Eliza 81 081.indd 1 29 05 11 9 40 PM

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