GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 40, Page 125 (transcription)

Keep the heat in and save save save With significant savings on offer during Peninsula price reductions making home automation more Curtains and Blinds annual Celsius sale it is the affordable than ever.
Motors are now available perfect time to consider new window coverings from only 275 per blind and can be easily for your home.
installed in new or established homes.
Enjoy Uncovered windows are responsible for up to even further savings with Peninsula Curtains and 40 of heat loss.
Curtains and Blinds are the Blinds annual Celsius sale.
best way to keep your home warm and cozy Visit the Mornington showroom and the staff this winter.
As well as keeping you comfortable will be happy to show you the comprehensive they will also save you money with reduced range of displays and answer any questions you heating costs.
might have.
Alternatively take advantage of the Remote control is the ideal way to operate your experienced decorators who are available to visit new curtains or blinds.
The current strength of your home with a mobile showroom stocked with the Australian dollar has lead to considerable thousands of samples.
Just another way to stay warm this winter with Automated blind systems will help save on your electricity bills.
Detecting the room temperature automated blinds will intuitively open and close to keep your home consistently warm.
AutomAtic sAvings with intuitive blinds 125

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