GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 41, Page 024 (transcription)

Hamam hot springs steam sanctuaryThe new Turkish Hamam at Peninsula Hot Springs is a steam room for relaxation, cleansing and detoxification it s a special sanctuary during the peninsula s cooler months.
While many people enjoy just sitting in the Hamam, traditional practice is to participate in a process of cleansing and relaxation.
Fun workshops are now available with our trained spa therapists who teach the techniques to make the most of this very special practice.
All the products you need to partake in the Hamam, including the traditional bathing wrap sarong peshemal , are available from the Bath House reception.
For hamam workshop bookings send enquiries to groups or call 03 5950 8712.
The following is an introductory guide to enjoying a traditional Turkish Bath 1.
Heat the bodyA sweat can be raised by sitting in the Hamam for approximately 10 minutes or, to raise your body temperature faster, lay on the heated centre stone in the Hamam.
Note you can also pre-heat the body in the hot spring pools or sauna.
Cleanse with vigorous scrubbingOnce heated, use a mitt kese to scrub your body, exfoliating a layer of skin and removing any retained dirt.
Muscle MassageA massage of the back, neck, arms and scalp can be a great part to the Hamam experience.
Soap latherUsing the Hamam soap create suds and lather the body.
While lathering the body the massage can continue.
RinsingUse the the rinsing bowl tas to scoop water from the marble bowls and wash away soap suds.

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