GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 41, Page 038 (transcription)

finefood catering49MTELIZAWAY,MTELIZA 97873356MENU CHANGES DAILYCATERING AVAILABLE 38 good life, june -july, august 2011 Unique Exquisite Jewellery in Mt Eliza NEW LOCATION 76A Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza P 9787 0100 M 0419 778 814 mt elizavillage life Mt.Eliza is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.
Home to over 100 speciality boutiques and businesss offering everything from interior design to fine fashion plus several great restaurants.
The village is a great place to eat, socialise, relax and even get the grocery shopping done.
Fashionistas have no shortage of choice with exquisite egyptian jewellery available at Gouzlan and designer labels stocked at Euro, Chris Yates, Bella Cose and Truffle Hunter Inspired Dining in Mt.Eliza - Spoon, Verde Maison In the French tradition Bistro Maison is at once and snacks.
There s always a choice of specials a place for families to gather, romantics to from the board and each comes with a delicious nestle and food and wine lovers to celebrate their wine by the glass.
All this and fresh crusty bread good fortune .
As with their multi-award winning served with beautiful local Mornington Grove olive Salix restaurant, Bistro Maison celebrates the oil.
Anna and Ashley look forward to welcoming Peninsula s remarkable produce, with fresh and you to Spoon.
seasonal as the driving force and the Bistro has Spoon Call 9787 7710won the hearts of many locals.
They offer a night on the town with first floor views of the Bay Cameron Taylor's Bistro Verde is a 'local haunt' and City lights to enhance the experience and where regulars feel like part of the family.
The the wine list including wine by the glass offers place you can have a quick lunch on the run, enjoy some exciting French selections with, of course, with the family, feed the kids for an early dinner Peninsula wines and their excellent house wines.
or enjoy a special night with your partner.
Verde offer a variety of different dishes along with their Bistro Maison Call 9787 6111 massive specials board, there will always be At Spoon restaurant the menu changes to something new to try.
If you are after a little more incorporate the best seasonal and local produce casual or a quick catch up the Wine Bar offers this available and caters for vegetarians and children s opportunity.
options available on request .
Gluten free bread This space is also available for functions withand also gluten free pasta are also available.
packages starting from 15.00 per person.
Spoon is open Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 5.30 for dinner, Wednesday to Friday from midday Verde Call 9787 0200 for lunch and also Sunday from 10am for brunch Well known Mt.Eliza identity Farid Madkour from Gouzlan generously shares his very personal experience as a timely reminder In 2010 I was diagnosed with Prostate the Alfred hospital.
I went home the cancer but it was detected at an early second day and was back at work 3 stage due to the advantage of the days later.
I had some soreness and regular Prostate test.
To determine for two weeks I sat on a rubber ring if it was cancer I was admitted to I had no energy and was lethargic Peninsula Private Hospital for a from the radiation.
Then I started to biopsy procedure by Urologist Mr improve.
I was advised not to put Chris Chang.
The test confirmed a small children on my lap, only to sit cancer confined to the Prostate and beside small child for a few minutes my options were 1.
choose not to do and not to remain close to pregnant anything and have a blood test every women this was only for 3 months.
6 months to ensure the cancer was The seeds give off their radiation in not progressing or 2.
Have a the form of gamma rays, 50 of the non-surgical seeds implant procedure, radiation dose is given in the first 60 where small radioactive seeds are days, 75 in the first 120 days, and placed permanently into the Prostate 87.5 in the first 180 days and so on.
to administer the radiation.
I would like to thank the staff at To a lot of people any form of cancer the Alfred Hospital for being such is associated with death, so I was wonderful human beings, especially numb my brain couldn t register what A Professor Jeremy Millar, Mr Chris Mr Chang was saying about the seeds Chang and MPI Co-ordinator implant procedure which had been Debbie Stokes.
performed for 760 patients at the Alfred To have control on cancer s Hospital with a success rate of 93 .
I progress at an early stage means was not afraid to die, but I had a deep the difference between life and sad feeling about the pain that I would death so I urge all men to have the cause to my family when I was gone.
test done regularly and I also ask I had the seeds implant procedure their partners wives to nag their done by A Professor Miller and Mr men to have the test done regularly.
Chang and I stayed just one night at - Farid Madkour

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