GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 42, Page 065 (transcription)

Flavours of Argentina Food and wine lovers, leisure diners and families can now celebrate the delightful flavours of Argentina served at the new Los Argentinos Grill Restaurant in Frankston.
Los Argentinos is an extension of a renowned chain of restaurants founded in Europe in 1986 that now operates at 15 locations in Europe.
The Frankston branch is the first in Australia and another restaurant is nearing completion in Patterson Lakes.
opening early 2012 .
The Los Argentinos expansion and continued growth is attributed to superior authentic food quality, friendly service and traditional live entertainment, all embraced by a great atmosphere and a decor theme representing South America.
While the main cuisine theme is based on Argentinean dishes, the kitchen also serves a variety of Mexican influenced delights.
Almost every meat dish is prepared on charcoal making the char-grill the predominant food maker within the restaurant.
Generous portions of beef cuts and steaks, chicken, lamb and ribs are prepared in special authentic marinate and char-grilled.
The Los Argentinos theme pays attention to a brilliant serving style by serving the meat on a special charcoal table warmer ensuring that the meat remain warm and juicy throughout dining.
Asado, a famous Argentinean dish, is prepared from the same beef cut used in Argentina.
This also applies to steaks, skewers and ribs.
Chorizos, a South American Spanish type of sausages, are prepared, spiced and assembled especially for Los Argentinos and in the same exact formula used in South America.
This is how they do it in Argentina, and this is how we do it on the Peninsula.
The Los Argentinos char-grilled meat is a true representation of the Argentinean cuisine.
Vegetarians and Mexican food lovers are not forgotten at Los Argentinos.
The kitchen is fully equipped and managed by a South American Food Chef whose specialty is Mexican dishes.
Nachos, Burritos and Enchiladas are some of what is dished out in generous portions.
Los Argentinos is a licensed restaurant with a bar-to-seat service.
The drinks and beverages menu is rich with local and imported South American, Argentinean and Spanish wines and beer.
The atmosphere at Los Argentinos enhances the diner s experience.
Timber barrels, stones, art paintings, candle light and the overall rustic, yet classy theme, takes diners into the heart of Argentina.
Add to that, the traditional live music and singing with traditional live instruments served four days a week.
The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from midday and orders can be placed up until 11pm 7 days a week.
It seats a total of 110 diners with 30 seats in the umbrella sheltered area outside.
Diners can book or call-in to Los Argentinos.
We are happy to announce that our second Restaurant is near completion.
Soon we will be opening the doors at a great location in Patterson lakes.
Los Argentinos II is the result of our successful Frankston Restaurant.
Watch this space..... 67

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