GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 42, Page 113 (transcription)

LAPAROSCOPIC SLEEVE TUBE GASTRECTOMY Our 3 surgeons assist each other when performing this surgery -This ensures best possible outcomes for our patients.
What do you know about Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy We have been performing this surgery for over 5 years and have done over 200 of these procedures.
Initially we recognized that we had a duty of care to our bariatric patients to offer them an alternative to the Gastric Band.
We know with 15 year follow up of our Gastric Band patients that 15 will not do well for various reasons.
With the incidence of co-morbidities associated with Obesity and Metabolic disease these patients need another solution to achieve healthy weight range.
We offer the Sleeve gastrectomy as a salvage procedure following careful review and consultation with the patient.
This operation is also offered as a primary procedure for weight loss for the appropriate patient.
Our experience over the past 15 years has taught us that the gastric band is not for everyone.
Compliance and long term follow up is difficult for some lifestyles and geographic locations.
We have had very pleasing results with this operation and the expectation for the patient is to lose 60 to 70 of their excess weight over two years and often reversal of their co-morbidities.
It is very satisfying to see a patient come off medication for Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes within a short time frame post surgery, dramatically improving lifestyle and life expectancy.
If you have had Gastric Banding or even Gastric Stapling without success please remember that you still have other options.
We are happy to consult with to educate you on this path.
We have a comprehensive clinic with back up of a qualified dietitian and clinical nurse specialists to ensure you are well prepared and supported on your weight loss journey.
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is done by keyhole method removing the lateral 2 3rds of the stomach using a stapling device leaving the stomach in the shape of a tube.
The patient can expect to be in hospital for 3 nights and will need two weeks off work.
The residual stomach is about 200ml and the patient will be satisfied with a generous entr e size meal.
The part of the stomach that is removed secretes a hunger hormone called Ghrelin.
The effect of removing this greatly reduces hunger drive and gives the patient greater satiety with less food.
The type of foods eaten is not restricted just the quantity.
Our dietitian is involved every step of the way to educate the patient on portion control and nutrition.
We have clinics in Boronia, Mitcham, Berwick, Mornington and Rosebud.
One phone number for all appointments 9760 2777 or email info ALL APPOINTMENTS -9760 2777 5 CLINIC LOCATIONS One phone call 9760 2777 Boronia, Mitcham, Berwick, Mornington and Rosebud email info Sleeve Gastrectomy Key Hole Surgery for Weight Loss Win the Fight Against Type 2 Diabetes, Excessive Weight, Obesity, Metabolic Disease Surgery is Safer than the Disease 113 113.indd 1 13 12 11 7 36 PM

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