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virtual gastric band therapy with Nick Sutherland, our Clinical Hypnotherapist Wow.
What a great reception from the last article Thank you so much to everyone who phoned or emailed, you are all such wonderful people.
The support and interest was humbling to say the least.
So this issue .who of you reading this is overweight or knows someone that is carrying a few extra kilos Most of us have been there at one point or another, and we all know it's frustrating when those unwanted kilos just won t budge.
Complacency, in a rut , laziness, post pregnancy, injury, medication, abuse bullying, bad eating habits .there are so many reasons why we put on those extra pounds.
Sometimes getting out the door and getting to the gym or doing what you know you should be doing eating less seems too hard though, so do you fancy some assistance in reaching your goals Great news I am now specialising in Virtual Gastric Band Therapy that is achieving fantastic results in Europe and the USA and now here, and I love it I heard about a 2 day seminar where Sheila Granger who created the program was coming out from the U.K to teach qualified clinical hypnotherapists how to use the program in their practice and to be honest with you I was a little sceptical at first.
I had seen something similar on TV that looked a bit gimmicky and was presented almost like a magic wand to make you lose weight which I have a great dislike for.
A lot of my colleagues and I have been working too hard to remove the stigma that was attached to hypnotherapy because of hypnotists hanging a shingle out and promising to cure every ailment that existed.
I went to the seminar with an open mind however and I am so glad that I did after 2 days, as soon as I was handed my certificate I almost ran out the door ringing people to tell them how good it was The program is designed to be done over 4 weeks and this is perfect because it is proven to take around 30 days to form a new habit type TED 30 days for change into YouTube for an inspirational video which is what you will be doing.
Plus it is also a very SAFE timeframe to operate in.
I have initial appointment with you before we start the program because I have a duty of care to make sure a this is the right thing for you and that you will benefit from it and b to assess where you are falling down and structure a tailor made plan to get you up and running again.
After we are both satisfied this is best for you, we then get to work I see you for 1 appointment per week for the next 4 weeks, but you also take home with you after your week 1 session a 15 min support cd which you are asked to listen to a minimum of twice a day, but please feel free to listen to it as often as you like.
At each appointment, we discuss the changes that you have been making and review the past week but then look forward and do some wonderfully relaxing hypnotherapy to help you set up for the week to come.
I like to run this program without the client being on any diets, because diets are going to become a thing of the past.
What you will learn over the 4 weeks is to make permanent lifestyle changes that are going to benefit you in a positive and healthy way, and it's not going to be hard work I also ask you not to weigh yourself because I don t believe your happiness should be dictated by numbers at your feet which can change so much from day to day without you doing anything.
Instead, I love hearing clients telling me how they can FEEL their bodies changing shape because the clothes they wear are now baggy or they have more energy or whatever it may be, but I know people love weighing themselves because they like seeing results so I don t really mind.
I only caution against it because some create expectations and feel disappointed or let down when those little numbers show up as they want them to.
What these people don t realise however is that they are actually losing fat, but they are toning the muscle which is heavier.
I will be running an information night at the Benton s Square Community Centre next January so please call or email me details on my website to book a place.
I ll be doing a live hypnosis demonstration with a willing volunteer which will be great so hope you can get along More information nights will be run in other parts of the Peninsula so please let me know where you are so I can come to you.
Thank you, and enjoy yourself.
- Nick Sutherland 118 GoodLife, dec - jan - feb 2012 www.

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